Oh hey World. Ready for a little piece of mine?

I was born and raised in Ottawa Canada. I Studied Classical Archaeology at Concordia University in Montreal. I have many areas of focus in my life, so I look at myself as a renaissance sort of lady.

My passions include:

Art - I draw and I paint.

Archaeology - I have an unspeakable connection to the civilizations of the past. Some of my areas of focus included both mythology and paleography. COOL!

Food/Cooking - nomnomnom. no real words needed here.

Animals - My heart is just too darn big. I have two kitties (Theodore and Hamilton...complete jackasses) and one amazing husky named Luna. She is as white and as bright as the moon.

Nature - The planet upon which we live. I make sure to appreciate it's immeasurable beauty at least once each day.

Writing - I fancy myself to be a decent writer. I am currently going through the initial stages of writing a fictional novel.

Now, on to the goods: